Standing in the GO station parking lot

Sad and cold

The wind dragging razors over my face

I see cars all over the place

I squint at each and every one

Trying to identify

The Uber returning the phone I left behind



Grief becomes a waiting room

A familiar place you retreat to

Before getting back

To what you really came here for


Sometimes you see people

That you saw in the waiting room

The last time you were there

Every time you’re there again



They were tying their camel

They trusted you

But the guards still dragged them away

Wait that wasn’t them, it was that other guy

They died, and he lived

Deserve had nothing to do with it

Can’t keep things straight upstairs

What do I even know?

I should tie my camel



Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

Here lies a vast amount of data
With very limited processing power

Memories live undetected
Some roll in like an easy tide
Others crash on the rocks
On the barrier reef
Between the conscious
And unconscious mind

A splash of cold water
Shocking me awake
From a peaceful slumber
With something I already knew

Now it feels like I’m back there
Even while I walk around here
I want to put it away but where
Its place seems to be lost



Photo by zoo monkey on Unsplash

Fragility in the mind
Fear in the heart
Shame in the spirit
Resentment the effect

Vengeance in the mind
Malevolence in the heart
Arrogance in the spirit
Retaliation the effect

Wisdom in the mind
Compassion in the heart
Emptiness in the spirit
Forgiveness the effect



Photo by Carl Cheng on Unsplash

One angel found this demon
Wandering lost, eyes closed
Pupils bloody encrusted and cold
Guided him to a seat on a cloud, they told

The next angel sat before him
Wiped his face with a warm damp towel
Scabs slipped away, screams he howled
Finally came to rest with a beaten scowl

The last angel looked in those eyes
And seen the demon’s sins
Where his cruelty ends and begins
And still said prayers for him



Photo by simon sun on Unsplash

They could not know
I made sure of that
A secret squirreled away
It wouldn’t do any good to share
Something so terrible
With no right to tell

It was just one night
Still the whole world ended
Dusted off my shoulder
Easy come, easy go
Never mind the horror
There were things I needed to do
And I was slipping already

Eyes on the prize
Eyes on the prize

So I thank you

For your spirits and your smiles
That effortless effervescence
Your work and support
Tending to that fresh invisible wound

For surviving
And thriving

Stay Blessed